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Gym & Facility Design

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Coming Soon...We design, build and deliver functional strength facilities and gym spaces.

Taking the plunge to designing your new fitness facility can be a complex and daunting task. Every gym is different and the needs for certain equipment is different to each and every gym owner. There really isn't a one size fits all approach, but the key is to create an environment that energises and delivers an outstanding fitness experience.

With over 35 years of manufacturing experience we offer a vast array of equipment options and design possibilities. We understand that the gym and fitness market is constantly improving and becoming more competitive; your gym must leave a long-lasting initial impression.

ISOLIFT has been designing, building and delivering functional fitness gyms since inception in 2006. We've helped our customers create fitness facilities that inspire them in their training, offering the gym design and layout services from concept to installation. We firmly believe that every gym and facility is unique, we approach each layout individually to create an inspirational gym space. Building a fitness space that will deliver for your customers is the priority, but it's key to consider your business' objectives and how you want your brand represented.

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